Become an Effective Motivational Speaker Today

Motivational SpeakersMotivational speakers are often hired or invited to share their unique life stories or their exceptional philosophies. Think about Nick Vujicic. He was born without arms and legs but lives life with such passion and joy that it is so hard not to be inspired by him. Now you don’t have to be born with a disability in order to become a motivational speaker. If you have the desire to inspire people to success then you can be one. Arnold Schwarzenegger is someone who give motivational speeches on determination, self-discipline and ignoring naysayers in order to pursue and achieve your goals.

Motivational speakers can cover many different areas of life and speak to various audiences –

They can be dedicated to speaking to professionals, college students, teenagers or even children. They may also specialize in motivating people to build their self-esteem, overcome addictions, improve their communication skills and boost productivity.

If you want to be a motivational speaker, you need to understand that speaking skills may not be enough. You will be speaking to different people, in different locations. You have to be able to make powerful, engaging presentations that you will tailor to your audience’s needs. If you desire to make a living out of motivational speaking, you should also acquire business and marketing skills.

While you don’t necessarily need to undergo a specific course or training to have a career as a motivational speaker, you need to develop your communication skills and your talent in engaging an audience. You need to learn about yourself – what is it about you and your life that you can share to people?

Do you have an expertise or an experience that will inspire them? What are you most passionate about? It is important to choose a particular topic you wish to speak on. Do you want to talk about being happy, how to have better relationships, or learning key steps to success?

Build on these topics by doing competent research and talking with other experts on the particular field you are interested in so you will have more knowledge. Do not limit yourself with any topic – you can talk about anything under the sun that will inspire and motivate people to a better life. Just keep in mind that it is something you care about, otherwise you will sound flat and insensible.

A motivational speaker must learn how to write a persuasive speech that will draw people in and bring them to an expected response. He must be able to prepare a presentation using original ideas. In order to improve in this area, an aspiring motivational speaker can enroll in creative writing workshops. Even if you think you have the skill, there is always room for growth. Be humble enough to learn from others.

Motivational speakers know that writing an exciting and captivating speech is just part of the task-

He must be able to make powerful presentations and deliver it with authority. To improve your speaking skills, you may take public speaking classes to learn how to use your voice, make appropriate gestures, learn the art of body language, and improve your physical appearance. You need to be able to project yourself well so that you will engage your audience well.

motivational-speakingThe job of motivational speakers does not require specific training programs, licensure requirements or any certification. However, it may take a person a good amount of time to develop himself in many areas: personality, writing skills, speaking skills, and charisma.

There are many job prospects for motivational speakers. They are usually asked to deliver speeches at seminars, conventions, conferences, business meetings, and even in schools. You will find actors, business executives, authors, politicians, and athletes giving motivational speeches. There are many opportunities available for motivational speakers.

While they are fairly new, they may offer their services for free. As they build their portfolio and their reputations are established, they will be able to earn thousands of dollars for every appearance. Motivational speakers can promote themselves through social media but the traditional word-of-mouth referrals usually work best.


Motivational speakers can promote themselves through social media but the traditional word-of-mouth referrals usually work best. To know how to become a good speaker must visit

Choosing the Best Golf Clubs

Best Golf ClubYou have all the chances to choose clubs that will complement your game perfectly, but you shouldn’t neglect the fact that you should have trust in those clubs to perform their job. You may have expensive and top-of-the-line clubs (such as those from Taylormade golf), but those might not be suitable to your style.

Also, you have to choose the right equipment for your body type and physical condition. Prior to determining the amount to spend for clubs, you must honestly assess your dedication to the sport.

Will you be spending a lot of time for practice? As a beginner, will you be taking golf lessons? Answering no may mean it’s best for you to go for cheaper clubs. Answering ‘yes’ means you can go for more expensive clubs, but you shouldn’t go too high with your limit.

The shaft

In choosing a club, you should consider your build, height and strength. If you’re tall, then you should choose longer shafts. Choose shafts, and then decide the flex that’s ideal for your game.

Choose between steel and graphite shafts. Steel shafts are heavier than graphite, but they are cheaper. Graphite shafts allow you to do swings with more clubhead speed, and usually mean giving the ball a greater distance.

The slower the speed of your clubhead, the more flex you should have for your shafts.

The thickness of grip

Thinner grips will need you to exert more hand action for your swing. Thicker grips, on the other hand, will restrict your hand movement more than necessary.

The ideal grip should allow your ring and middle fingers to barely touch your thumb pad while holding the club. Fingers that don’t touch the thumb mean a big grip. Fingers digging into the pad mean a thin grip.

The iron

Players who hit the golf ball precisely on the clubface work best with forged and muscle-backed irons. Players who hit the golf ball all over the clubface work best with cavity-backed irons.

You have numerous choices for golf clubs. Your golf can have a combination of hybrid clubs from Taylormade golf, metal woods, sand wedge, pitching wedge, lob wedge, gap wedge and a putter.

The clubhead

Clubs today have available standard, oversize and midsize heads. You might have an advantage for having bigger clubheads – they are more forgiving, and will help you psychologically (you can’t miss with a big clubhead).

Consider the following options regarding the club head:

•Steel club heads are cheaper but are heavier.

•There are titanium club heads that are lighter and easier to hit, but they are more expensive.

•There are club heads made of steel but with a titanium face – this is somewhere between the two with regard to cost and weight.

The wedges

There are four kinds of wedges, and players usually carry two wedges – sand wedge (to use when stuck in a trap), and a pitching wedge (players would have to hit this 100 yards from a location in the rough or fairway).

Best Golf Clubs

Other Points to Ponder

In choosing the best golf clubs, there’s no one-size-fits-all (even if you’re planning to get those made by Taylormade golf). There’s no rack that fits every golfer and every club, so why expect such from golf clubs? Golfers come in all shapes and sizes; they understand that there are different clubs with different weights, lengths, lie angles and lofts.

Make sure of your goals prior to shopping for the best golf clubs at Taylormade golf. Identifying realistic and doable goals will help in making the choosing and shopping much easier. Playing golf simply for fun? Don’t spend much money, time and effort. Want to be a more serious player? Have higher standards then, in choosing the clubs you’re going to use.

Bad Web Design Runs Rampant Online – Egregious Errors Made

When it comes to surfing the internet, you’ll find that there is a huge line of delineation between good web design and terrible design. Even though there is a certain evolution in place that has occurred online with marketing, and search protocol, you will still see sites that are terribly designed get a lot of focus online.webdevelopement If you aren’t careful, you could even be subject to publishing one of these terrible sites and end up seeing major issues manifest as a result. For those that aren’t building on the right collateral, things can become difficult to manage overall, especially when you’re not working with the right tools online. It’s for that reason that you should at least look into hiring a professional option for web design, and start looking regionally if need be. For instance, you could start by looking into web design, and see what is out there. If you’re not convinced that you need a good web designer, then check out some of the bad design decisions that are made all of the time. You’ll find these happen more often than not, and errors are made in terms of marketing, design and more.

Bright Backgrounds With Bright Text

Many web users are surfing sites in the middle of the night, and some of them have dark rooms in which they are doing this. When you have a site that has a bright background it blinds the eyes, but to add insult to injury, you may see bright text come through as well. Sometimes this is a purely design decision that has gone wrong, but in other instances, it’s a matter of coding. If you do not code correctly, and you hire someone that isn’t doing well in regards to cross platform implementation, the browser gets confused. When the browser isn’t able to render the right elements, they will go to a default, which could be brightness turned way up. You’ll end up blinding the end user and they will not want to come back to your page for anything. You don’t want to deal with this error or design choice, so make sure that you are hiring someone that knows what they are doing, and aren’t just out of school and aren’t really sure as to what hexadecimal code is needed.

Giant Images

There’s no reason to put a high resolution image online. If you have a giant image on your site and it hasn’t been optimized for loading, something is very wrong. You should never upload an image that is 300 DPI or that is more than a thousand pixels in width or height. The only reason you may want to go this route is if you’re posting something specifically for download, and you are not allowing this to load within the content. If you find yourself uploading this or you see a site that has an incredible load time, it’s most likely because they are controlling the image size through HTML or other code. Do not control image sizes like this, as it will cause serious detriment to the loading time of your page and it will look silly when it’s finally loaded. There’s nothing wrong with updating sites with images that are 72 DPI and set up for fast loading, and thumbnails or smaller sizes that can be loaded after the fact. Giant images are rarely good for design, and yet many sites continue to use them.

Hidden Navigation or Confusing Menus

A website should have a clear hierarchy, and when you’re looking into New York web design, you should find companies that are going to help you build that. You will not find many “good” companies using hidden navigation bars or confusing elements that are going to cause you a great deal of stress. In fact, you’re going to end up dealing with a variety of issues that are going to be isolated to confusing the end user. You don’t want to confuse the end user because they will not end up going with your site, or following through the call to action. You want to have clarity here, and no matter how “artsy” it looks to abandon this notion, don’t do it. There’s no professional reason to not have a clear hierarchy and design of menus. If you confuse the end user, good luck.

Splash Pages For No Reason

Splash pages can be used for promotional consideration, but today, you are going to find less and less of them. Most sites that have an index page will not force you to go through an index page to get to a blog or interior page. It’s important that you do not have your main URL have a splash page unless you have an adult site that needs it. It’s imperative that you get away from this, including flash loaders and other animation that is forced upon the end user. Instead, funnel people into your site and allow them to decide how they interact with it.

The above errors in judgment are going to give your website a serious pull downward. You don’t want to have these in place, and instead, focus on professional elements that are tried in true in terms of “good” design.

The Basics in Link-building

One of the most major factors that affect the process of search engine optimization or SEO is link-building. Building links is synonymous to sharing contents to different platforms or websites all over the web. The more shares a content has, the more links have been made related to it. These links serve as signals to the search engine regarding content popularity. As a result, the content appears on the first few pages of the search engine results when searches with keywords related to it are done.

SEO service providersSEO service providers should make sure that spam is not present in the links. Recurring spam reports can result to the site being banned from the search results even if related terms are typed by the Internet user. Search engines have a mechanism of measuring the reliability of the content through the presence or absence of spam. This is called trust ranking. The websites with the highest trust ranks include websites of government agencies, universities and non-profit organizations. Content linked to these sites are considered reliable.

Although the process of link-building seems simple, Internet codes are really quite complex. There is the matter of popularity of the sites that contents are being linked to. Having a link with globally-popular websites means more can view the content. This is a positive factor for companies that want their brand to be visible to more potential clients. However, linking content to globally popular sites may also mean a little more payment for the space on the page. This, to most companies, is worth the investment because being visible is the ultimate goal of SEO and link-building.

One way that search engines give a higher rank to contents is when they are linked to local or topic specific websites. It means that the content has a similar topic with that of the homepage that it is posted in. For example, an online shopping advertisement linked to a fashion blog is better than being linked to a government website. The audience viewing the site can relate to the ad and the search engines will not label the link as spam because of its irrelevance. This means linking almost anywhere in the web is also not good. For the quality of link is also being monitored.

Link-buildingIn relation to content relevance between the homepage and the linked page, the anchor text is also used by search engines as basis for ranking. The more related the content’s keywords are to the content of the homepage, the higher its popularity rank becomes. Linking without any similarity in content signals spam. And this is negative to both the link and the main page because being linked to a spam also makes the main page as a potential spam. Both may be banned by the search engines if proven to be spam.

Links also have some sort of expiration date. This is why link-building should be performed regularly. Old links may be covered up by newer contents so they should be refreshed. Being refreshed also signals the search engines that the link is relevant to many because it is repeatedly viewed, shared or followed.

Lastly, the dramatic rise of social media networks also affects link-building. Many people nowadays share contents which they find worth-sharing to their networks. This is one technique that advertising companies use, which is the use of social media to disseminate information about their products and services. Although sharing in these platforms is free, the shares are also significant because they reach a wide audience. It is not yet clear how the popularity of content shared in social media is scored by search engines but indeed, these shares still improve the ranks of linked contents.

4 Common Traits of High Powered SEO Firms You Should Look For

Looking for a quality SEO firm is a complicated endeavor online. You could spend hours on end sifting through the search results, sponsored links, and so much more. It’s a complicated endeavor that you will not be able to manage without a little bit of help. There are some common traits that you will find shared throughout the industry. The best companies in the world are doing certain things to make sure that they stand out to consumers that are looking at attracting a lot more business online. You may find yourself dealing with a complicated task of hiring one of the many firms online right now, but don’t panic. The following traits will help you narrow down your search and get only one of the top firms to do the work you need to get moving forward with optimization and internet marketing alike.

4 Traits to Look For When Hiring

Proof of Results

seoWhether you need lead generation, traffic, or subscribers to your page, you will find that some companies can deliver and some can’t. If you want to ensure that they are going to help you, ask for a proven track record of success. If they are a startup, you may be wary as to whether or not they are going to be able to deliver on the promise of high rankings. Always look for a portfolio, client list, or any guarantee that they can get the job done to ensure you have peace of mind. Without a little peace, you could end up frantically trying to figure out whether or not you’re going to get any semblance of ROI.

Awards and Recognition

For those that are looking past just hiring any old company, you’ll want to look for awards and recognitions. The top SEO firms in the country have been recognized for their success in marketing. They will have awards, authorization, and recognitions from several places. For instance, you may find a company that has been authorized as a reseller for such ad services as Google and Bing. You may also see that certain companies are award winners in their field, and they proudly talk about that. If the company you’re chasing doesn’t have any sort of credentials, then you’re going to miss out.

Knowledgeable Staff

One of the most important aspects of any firm you contact is in regards to their staff. If the company you’re courting doesn’t know what they are talking about, you will definitely know it within the first few minutes of talking to them. Often times a company will have a “sales” team, and they will be smooth talkers. Ask some serious questions, and try to shake things up. Do not just let them run over you with their sales pitch or information that sounds sketchy at best. Ask questions and pay attention to how they deliver the answers. If they aren’t knowledgeable, walk away.

Customer Service

When you have a question, problem, or you’re not sure whether or not any SEO firm you’ve used in the past were doing things correctly, can you call someone? When you call their offices, does someone actually pick up? Think about this before you spend money on any firm, because you may never know what questions and problems may arise as you are working towards dominating your niche and industry. If you find yourself without an answered phone call or constantly getting voicemail, then don’t use them for the long term. Good customer service is paramount when dealing with any sort of Technology Company, remember that. In the end, it’s important to look at the aforementioned traits to help narrow down your search for internet marketing services. Whether you strictly want SEO or you want something more complex, take your time and find the right fit for your business. Services and other Professional SEO Services in 2015: Are there any Difference Five Years Ago?

Are the professional SEO services being offered today, year 2015, different from the services of any SEO company like five years ago? To be blunt, the search engine optimization services today focus more on giving the net surfers the quality content they deserve.

The Important Task of SEO Providers in 2015

Five years ago, most SEO companies did not care much about their clients being penalized.  Today, more than 90% of SEO providers aim to keep their clients away from paying a penalty.

SEOThe penalties sprung from the past work of webmasters that were against the stated guidelines of Google.  Google imposed several penalties, and all can leave a negative impact on a particular site’s rankings.  SEOExplode SEO service knows this for a fact, and they try their best to keep their clients from being penalized.

If the Google Bot or a reviewer finds out that the website is operating outside the current algorithms set by Google, then that website will likely pay a penalty.

Google Penguin penalizes the websites that are using spam or unnatural linking in an attempt to artificially lift the ranking of a particular website, and give it a good spot using unfair methods.  Google Panda targets websites that use the keywords excessively in their titles and web content with ill intentions to manipulate the ranking methodology of Google.

As a site owner, take time to learn a bit more about the different algorithms.  It would be easier for you to understand if your SEO agency tells you that there are things that must be changed in your site’s current set up.  Know that a particular algorithm changes or updates from time to time, and your site must be able to comply with the said updates to avoid being penalized.  It is easy to declare that SEOExplode has the best SEO services because they care enough to do everything in their power to get their client’s site out of trouble.

The Usual Problems that most Sites Encounter

The different algorithms were created to give internet users quality sites that they can depend on every time they need to search for answers to their questions.  Unfortunately, not all sites are helpful or reliable enough to provide the needed answers.  There are also sites that are only after your hard-earned money.

Yes, it is a battle of rankings but the site owners should be responsible enough to provide quality sites while racing their way to the top.  Sadly, most sites commit optimization errors that need to be detected and fixed right away.  Some of these errors are keyword stuffing, negative SEO, and unnatural linking.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is something that most SEO companies from long ago deliberately commit in order to gain fast ranking for their client’s site.  Today, although most SEO providers aim to keep their clients from being penalized, keyword stuffing still happens but unintentionally (mostly, not all).  It usually happens due to the recent update that the site owner or SEO provider failed to follow.

A certain group conducted an experiment regarding the keyword density of a site’s page. They reduced it to 1.48%, which initially has 3%.  They added an extra 200 words to bring down the percentage of the keyword density.  They provided additional information with the words they have added – it made the page more educational and engaging.

The page remained untouched at rank 15, and one week after the keyword density was reduced by adding valuable information the page move up to rank 7.  All they did is provide more words with substantial information to lower the keyword density.  Such task can be accomplished well by SEOExplode SEO service.

Negative SEO

Negative SEO is a name used to illustrate a third party attack on a particular website in an attempt to force Google to penalize the said site.  This is a tactic (which began after the Penguin update of May, 2012) of competing business owners to kick their competitors out of the race.

A penalty can leave devastating impact on the affected site.  After the May, 2012 Penguin update, all business website owners became aware that Google would penalize a site using spammed links or anchor text containing manipulative links.  Some business owners and their respective SEO agency found an opportunity to gain something from what can be considered a wicked deed – the negative SEO was born.

Business owners need to be diligent and alert in keeping an eye on their backlinks to ensure that their competitors won’t even think of commissioning someone to do a negative SEO.  Nullifying the negative SEO is also one of the services being offered by SEO Explode best SEO services.

Unnatural Linking

Google has convinced SEO providers and webmasters to put an end to appalling SEO practices from eight years ago which includes unnatural linking.  On October 16, 2012, Google introduced the Disavow tool that allows the webmasters to remove the manipulative links they had by submitting a report to Google.  The tool was created as answer to the distress call of honest and reliable websites regarding negative SEO.

The services that the or other SEO providers should render remain the same, give or take a few.  The real good news is that most SEO providers try their best to give the clients the best SEO experience and let them enjoy penalty-free sites.

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An Argument For Utilizing Pay Methods and SEO For Marketing

indxiThere are some people that swear by the pay per click solutions abounding today. They will even go as far to say as it can trump seo in many ways. The truth of the matter is actually a bit more nuanced than one sided. On the other side of the scale, search engine optimization professionals swear by the fact that you can move forward with the engagement of elements that can push marketing in the long term. They don’t always adhere to the standards of ppc, and they don’t need to. Then there are those that see the opportunity to use both sides of the coin and that’s where things get interesting. When you utilize both elements for maximum market share, you will gain an increased perception and knowledge that is not going to leave you without establishing hope for the future. In fact, optimization can pay off dividends months upon months after you’ve stopped implementing these pieces overall. This may sound insane, or it may sound too good to be true, but you’ll be surprised with the results overall.

The Myth of Conversion Rates

buildingThe promise and allure of ppc marketing is one that definitely gets exaggerated. The process of implementing these elements correctly often times denotes treading through waters that will not convert. Sure, you could get a ton of traffic, and in some instances you could get six figure traffic numbers. That’s definitely a great boost to the ego, but what about conversion rates? You could spend thousands and receive nothing in the form of a conversion. That means that you will need to add a secondary solution to your advertising solutions.

That’s where seo comes into play. Think about the page that you’re sending traffic towards. If the page doesn’t have a push towards search engine optimization, you will not be able to make the right impact. The right impact will require you to have the keywords for ppc isolated, and the right budget. Aside from that, you will need to ensure that the content on every page has a certain unique quality to it all. Without that, you are going to be sending people to a site that they will not engage with. The myth that aligns the paid solution is that you can engage conversions of a higher level without working on search engine optimization, which is not true at all. You need both elements working together in order to reach maximum market share, plain and simple.

There is No “One” Solution Overall

planEven now, people assume that you can do one of the things that are prescribed through internet marketing and succeed. But that’s not true, you need to work on several elements and have them all working at their best to move forward. When you get advertising that you pay for, and mix that with seo, you will need to also utilize other content solutions. For instance, you need to have images on your page, videos, audio, and a lot more engagement for the end user.

If you do not think about the end user, you will not gain market share, plain and simple. You need to not only implement the right code structure, you need to pay for advertising and make sure that your pages placate the penalties that are coming as a result of anything you’ve done as a shortcut in the past. Proper protocol for engaging an audience today requires a lot of different things, and not just the aforementioned two solutions.

If you remember nothing else, then remember that you need to have several solutions moving forward when it comes generating traffic. Without proper traffic generation, you will end up losing out in the long term, guaranteed.