An Argument For Utilizing Pay Methods and SEO For Marketing

indxiThere are some people that swear by the pay per click solutions abounding today. They will even go as far to say as it can trump seo in many ways. The truth of the matter is actually a bit more nuanced than one sided. On the other side of the scale, search engine optimization professionals swear by the fact that you can move forward with the engagement of elements that can push marketing in the long term. They don’t always adhere to the standards of ppc, and they don’t need to. Then there are those that see the opportunity to use both sides of the coin and that’s where things get interesting. When you utilize both elements for maximum market share, you will gain an increased perception and knowledge that is not going to leave you without establishing hope for the future. In fact, optimization can pay off dividends months upon months after you’ve stopped implementing these pieces overall. This may sound insane, or it may sound too good to be true, but you’ll be surprised with the results overall.

The Myth of Conversion Rates

buildingThe promise and allure of ppc marketing is one that definitely gets exaggerated. The process of implementing these elements correctly often times denotes treading through waters that will not convert. Sure, you could get a ton of traffic, and in some instances you could get six figure traffic numbers. That’s definitely a great boost to the ego, but what about conversion rates? You could spend thousands and receive nothing in the form of a conversion. That means that you will need to add a secondary solution to your advertising solutions.

That’s where seo comes into play. Think about the page that you’re sending traffic towards. If the page doesn’t have a push towards search engine optimization, you will not be able to make the right impact. The right impact will require you to have the keywords for ppc isolated, and the right budget. Aside from that, you will need to ensure that the content on every page has a certain unique quality to it all. Without that, you are going to be sending people to a site that they will not engage with. The myth that aligns the paid solution is that you can engage conversions of a higher level without working on search engine optimization, which is not true at all. You need both elements working together in order to reach maximum market share, plain and simple.

There is No “One” Solution Overall

planEven now, people assume that you can do one of the things that are prescribed through internet marketing and succeed. But that’s not true, you need to work on several elements and have them all working at their best to move forward. When you get advertising that you pay for, and mix that with seo, you will need to also utilize other content solutions. For instance, you need to have images on your page, videos, audio, and a lot more engagement for the end user.

If you do not think about the end user, you will not gain market share, plain and simple. You need to not only implement the right code structure, you need to pay for advertising and make sure that your pages placate the penalties that are coming as a result of anything you’ve done as a shortcut in the past. Proper protocol for engaging an audience today requires a lot of different things, and not just the aforementioned two solutions.

If you remember nothing else, then remember that you need to have several solutions moving forward when it comes generating traffic. Without proper traffic generation, you will end up losing out in the long term, guaranteed.