Bad Web Design Runs Rampant Online – Egregious Errors Made

When it comes to surfing the internet, you’ll find that there is a huge line of delineation between good web design and terrible design. Even though there is a certain evolution in place that has occurred online with marketing, and search protocol, you will still see sites that are terribly designed get a lot of focus online.webdevelopement If you aren’t careful, you could even be subject to publishing one of these terrible sites and end up seeing major issues manifest as a result. For those that aren’t building on the right collateral, things can become difficult to manage overall, especially when you’re not working with the right tools online. It’s for that reason that you should at least look into hiring a professional option for web design, and start looking regionally if need be. For instance, you could start by looking into web design, and see what is out there. If you’re not convinced that you need a good web designer, then check out some of the bad design decisions that are made all of the time. You’ll find these happen more often than not, and errors are made in terms of marketing, design and more.

Bright Backgrounds With Bright Text

Many web users are surfing sites in the middle of the night, and some of them have dark rooms in which they are doing this. When you have a site that has a bright background it blinds the eyes, but to add insult to injury, you may see bright text come through as well. Sometimes this is a purely design decision that has gone wrong, but in other instances, it’s a matter of coding. If you do not code correctly, and you hire someone that isn’t doing well in regards to cross platform implementation, the browser gets confused. When the browser isn’t able to render the right elements, they will go to a default, which could be brightness turned way up. You’ll end up blinding the end user and they will not want to come back to your page for anything. You don’t want to deal with this error or design choice, so make sure that you are hiring someone that knows what they are doing, and aren’t just out of school and aren’t really sure as to what hexadecimal code is needed.

Giant Images

There’s no reason to put a high resolution image online. If you have a giant image on your site and it hasn’t been optimized for loading, something is very wrong. You should never upload an image that is 300 DPI or that is more than a thousand pixels in width or height. The only reason you may want to go this route is if you’re posting something specifically for download, and you are not allowing this to load within the content. If you find yourself uploading this or you see a site that has an incredible load time, it’s most likely because they are controlling the image size through HTML or other code. Do not control image sizes like this, as it will cause serious detriment to the loading time of your page and it will look silly when it’s finally loaded. There’s nothing wrong with updating sites with images that are 72 DPI and set up for fast loading, and thumbnails or smaller sizes that can be loaded after the fact. Giant images are rarely good for design, and yet many sites continue to use them.

Hidden Navigation or Confusing Menus

A website should have a clear hierarchy, and when you’re looking into New York web design, you should find companies that are going to help you build that. You will not find many “good” companies using hidden navigation bars or confusing elements that are going to cause you a great deal of stress. In fact, you’re going to end up dealing with a variety of issues that are going to be isolated to confusing the end user. You don’t want to confuse the end user because they will not end up going with your site, or following through the call to action. You want to have clarity here, and no matter how “artsy” it looks to abandon this notion, don’t do it. There’s no professional reason to not have a clear hierarchy and design of menus. If you confuse the end user, good luck.

Splash Pages For No Reason

Splash pages can be used for promotional consideration, but today, you are going to find less and less of them. Most sites that have an index page will not force you to go through an index page to get to a blog or interior page. It’s important that you do not have your main URL have a splash page unless you have an adult site that needs it. It’s imperative that you get away from this, including flash loaders and other animation that is forced upon the end user. Instead, funnel people into your site and allow them to decide how they interact with it.

The above errors in judgment are going to give your website a serious pull downward. You don’t want to have these in place, and instead, focus on professional elements that are tried in true in terms of “good” design.