Choosing the Best Golf Clubs

Best Golf ClubYou have all the chances to choose clubs that will complement your game perfectly, but you shouldn’t neglect the fact that you should have trust in those clubs to perform their job. You may have expensive and top-of-the-line clubs (such as those from Taylormade golf), but those might not be suitable to your style.

Also, you have to choose the right equipment for your body type and physical condition. Prior to determining the amount to spend for clubs, you must honestly assess your dedication to the sport.

Will you be spending a lot of time for practice? As a beginner, will you be taking golf lessons? Answering no may mean it’s best for you to go for cheaper clubs. Answering ‘yes’ means you can go for more expensive clubs, but you shouldn’t go too high with your limit.

The shaft

In choosing a club, you should consider your build, height and strength. If you’re tall, then you should choose longer shafts. Choose shafts, and then decide the flex that’s ideal for your game.

Choose between steel and graphite shafts. Steel shafts are heavier than graphite, but they are cheaper. Graphite shafts allow you to do swings with more clubhead speed, and usually mean giving the ball a greater distance.

The slower the speed of your clubhead, the more flex you should have for your shafts.

The thickness of grip

Thinner grips will need you to exert more hand action for your swing. Thicker grips, on the other hand, will restrict your hand movement more than necessary.

The ideal grip should allow your ring and middle fingers to barely touch your thumb pad while holding the club. Fingers that don’t touch the thumb mean a big grip. Fingers digging into the pad mean a thin grip.

The iron

Players who hit the golf ball precisely on the clubface work best with forged and muscle-backed irons. Players who hit the golf ball all over the clubface work best with cavity-backed irons.

You have numerous choices for golf clubs. Your golf can have a combination of hybrid clubs from Taylormade golf, metal woods, sand wedge, pitching wedge, lob wedge, gap wedge and a putter.

The clubhead

Clubs today have available standard, oversize and midsize heads. You might have an advantage for having bigger clubheads – they are more forgiving, and will help you psychologically (you can’t miss with a big clubhead).

Consider the following options regarding the club head:

•Steel club heads are cheaper but are heavier.

•There are titanium club heads that are lighter and easier to hit, but they are more expensive.

•There are club heads made of steel but with a titanium face – this is somewhere between the two with regard to cost and weight.

The wedges

There are four kinds of wedges, and players usually carry two wedges – sand wedge (to use when stuck in a trap), and a pitching wedge (players would have to hit this 100 yards from a location in the rough or fairway).

Best Golf Clubs

Other Points to Ponder

In choosing the best golf clubs, there’s no one-size-fits-all (even if you’re planning to get those made by Taylormade golf). There’s no rack that fits every golfer and every club, so why expect such from golf clubs? Golfers come in all shapes and sizes; they understand that there are different clubs with different weights, lengths, lie angles and lofts.

Make sure of your goals prior to shopping for the best golf clubs at Taylormade golf. Identifying realistic and doable goals will help in making the choosing and shopping much easier. Playing golf simply for fun? Don’t spend much money, time and effort. Want to be a more serious player? Have higher standards then, in choosing the clubs you’re going to use.